Standard delivery time 15-21 working days Express delivery time 8-14 working days

We promptly ship all orders within 24 hours of you placing it. The delivery times are entirely due to the postal or courier service. Please be aware that if customs hold your order for pending import duties, they could hold your order for 5-21 days prior to contacting you.If your order hasn't arrived within the usual standard delivery times , please allow an additional 7 working days for delivery PRIOR to contacting us to establish if your order is simply delayed with delivery; held at customs or lost.Lost orders and reshipment. we will reship for any lost order provided we are contacted within 8 weeks from the ship date. No re-shipments or refunds will be accepted if reported to us after 8 weeks.

We are happy to replace any order that has not been delivered but on the following conditions:1. An additional 7 days has elapsed in addition to the standard delivery time since the ship date.2. The shipping address provided to us is correct

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